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Frequent heartburn from acid reflux disease can be really painful and annoying. If you are searching for an effective medication, consider Nexium to obtain 24-hour relief for your symptoms. Nexium belongs to proton pumps inhibitors and makes the stomach produce less acid. Though used in food digestion, this acid can cause damage in some medical conditions. In case of acid reflux, acid flows back into the food pipe causing pain, heartburn, and even inflammation. In case of ulcers, acid makes the damage worse. By acid amount reduction, Nexium stops the pain and makes for healing.

Nexium should be taken on a regular basis once a day at least one hour before meal. Doctor prescribes dosage and length of treatment depending on the particular condition and response to therapy. Nexium is generally well tolerated. Its side effects are usually mild and disappear after you stop taking the medicine. Nexium was approved by FDA for short-term treatment of children aged 1-11 with gastroesophageal reflux disease.

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